Release of BioUML platform - 2020.4

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Release of BioUML platform - 2020.4

Postby Ilya Kiselev » 28 Dec 2020, 15:23

New 2020.4 version was released and can be downloaded from

New features and improvements

  • Simulation:
    • New simulation document allowing user to vary model parameters and immediately observe changes in simulation results.
  • Diagrams:
    • Reaction creation dialog is more compact with a separate tab for reaction law editing.
    • Export\Import enhanced. Now models can be exported along with all its submodels and related data tables in one archive.
    • New tab to edit variables.
    • Species can be renamed.
    • Nodes movement improved.
    • Initial variable values can be set to diagrams from external tables (e.g. parameter fitting result).
  • Parameter fitting
    • Optimization can use table data (e.g. result of another parameter fitting) as a starting point.
    • During parameter fitting intermediate results (a table with the current best fitted parameter values) can be saved without stopping the process.
    • Results of parameter fitting can be saved as autogenerated plot.
  • Web
    • Improved integration with Jupyter.
    • Default project can be set.
    • Variables to plot during model simulation can be edited through more convenient dialog.
    • Complex can be more easily selected with all its elements by double click.
    • New tab to work with Flux Balance Analysis.
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