Release of BioUML platform - 2023.3

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Release of BioUML platform - 2023.3

Postby Ilya Kiselev » 15 Sep 2023, 15:43

New 2023.3 version was released and can be downloaded from
  • General
    • Export\import research project
    • Export\import optimization document to sbex format
    • Overall performance improved, bugs fixed
  • Python library
  • Diagrams
    • Improved mathematical formulas representation in models description
    • Improved visual representation of variables including concentration\amount notation
    • Improved tabs for model elements editing
  • Analysis
    • Parameter Identifiability analysis improved to calculate confidence intervals more correctly
  • Antimony support:
    • New elements: constraints, algebraic equations, subtypes, logical nodes, propagated ports, units (unit definitions, initializations with unit and keyword has), database references, phenotypes
    • Text highlight improved
    • Autoupdate mode
    • Keyword substanceOnly and initial quantity type (e.g. s1 = 5.0 / C)
    • Custom annotations added to antimony
      • SBGN annotation to specify:
        • Species type: macromolecule, simple chemical, etc.
        • Structure: complex elements, multiple modifications, units of information
        • Reaction type: process, inhibition etc.
        • Modifier type: catalysis, modulation etc.
        • Apecies clones.
        • Port titles
      • Glycan annotation to specify structure
      • Smiles annotation to specify structure
      • Multimers
  • A bunch of published complex modular models has recently been constructed in BioUML:
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