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BioUML workbench 0.9.7 has been released

PostPosted: 24 Apr 2014, 16:29
by Tagir Valeev
BioUML workbench 0.9.7 has been released!It's available in BioStore.

New features include:

  • Population based modelling (nlme plug-in):
    • Special graphic notation
    • Automated Java and R code generation
    • Integration with R nlme package for solving non-linear mixed effect models
  • Optimized Java code generator for huge models (10 000+ species and 10 000+ reactions)
  • Gurobi solver for fbc analyses (need to separately install Gurobi Optimizer)
  • Started simulations are shown in "Tasks" tab
  • Visualisation of dependency edges - these edges link equations and used there variables
  • Visualisation of glycan structures on the base their structure
  • Possibility to hide elements on a diagram ("visible" node property)
  • Analyses "ShareComplexMolecules" makes clones for substances involved into many reactions
  • New actions on toolbar to align and distribute selected nodes (top, bottom, etc.)
  • BioNetGen plugin improvements:
    • Importer/Exporter for .bngl files
    • Support for Molecule Types
    • Built-in functions
    • Highlight selected diagram element in corresponding BioNetGen code