Release of BioUML platform - 2018.2

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Release of BioUML platform - 2018.2

Postby Ilya Kiselev » 17 Jun 2018, 22:51

We are pleased to announce new release of BioUML platform.
New 2018.2 version is now available at

New features and improvements:

  • SBGN
    • Visualization erros fixed
    • Automatic creation of complexes from string (e.g. “A:B”)
    • PantherDB and CellDesigner models support improved (as SBGN diagrams)
  • SBML
    • L3v2 supported, including:
      • rateOf, rem, quotinent functions, min and max with arbitrary number of arguments
      • boolean values now may be mixed with numeric (e.g. x = false + 10)
      • find more details here
      • All tests from current test suite were passed successfully (see details here)
    • Constraints supported (3 options: ignore them, stop simulation or just log message)
  • Diagrams
    • Copy\paste of diagram elements
  • Antimony
    • gene<-> species conversion fixed
  • Simulation
    • Fast reactions handling enhanced: user can select whether to handle them as algebraic systems or as ODE systems with very high rate
    • Automatic detection of species variable type implemented (Not used, Calculated, Differential, Algebraic, Discrete, Parameter)
    • Parameters identifiability analysis: added option to select type of image (png or chart)
  • Workflows:
    • Option to ignore failed steps and continue if possible
    • Option to skip steps if they were completed on previous runs
    • Visualization erros fixed
  • Data analysis and tables
    • TreeMap on Functional classification on Gene Ontology
    • Tabular data visualization using pie chart or bar chart.
    • Super Annotate Table (annotates one table by another)
    • Export tables with images to zhtml file
  • Unused libraries excluded from build
  • Bugs fixed
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