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Release of BioUML platform - 2018.3

PostPosted: 09 Oct 2018, 22:58
by Ilya Kiselev
We are pleased to announce new release of BioUML platform.
New 2018.3 version is now available at

New features and improvements:

  • General
    • Diagram can be created in any generic folder

  • SBGN and visualization
    • Node titles is automatically truncated (if option enabled)
    • Dynamically highlight nodes (equations, reactions, species, etc.), containing selected variables and parameters

  • Web
    • Import of several files from local computer and generic files from repository
    • Wait dialog appears when several elements are deleted

  • Simulation
    • Plotting of simulation result reworked. Now variables to plot are specified in separate tab. User may create multiple plots and define different variables for axes. Example models with plots are included in the build.
    • Show in plot and line spec are removed from "Variables" and "Parameters" tabs.

  • SBML
    • Unit definitions from the model may be set to parameters (previously only for species)

  • Cytoscape
    • Import and export diagrams in Cytoscape JSON format (.cx)

  • External libraries
    • org.jsoup updated (1.7.1 -> 1.11.3)

  • Bug fixing