Release of BioUML platform - 2019.1

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Release of BioUML platform - 2019.1

Postby Ilya Kiselev » 12 Apr 2019, 13:53

We are pleased to announce new release of BioUML platform.
New 2019.1 version is now available at

New features and improvements:

  • General:
    • Installation process for linux systems improved
  • Diagrams
    • “Fit to screen” option added in toolbar for diagrams
    • Create edges from reactions to newly added nodes on diagram, if edge information is present in reaction prototype
    • Copy&paste diagram nodes to specified location
    • Copy all elements of one diagram to another via drag-and-drop
    • Nodes shape size is now editable from info panel
    • User can remove parameters from Parameters view part
  • Simulation
    • More convenient way to show on plot variables from modules several levels deep in the hierarchy
  • Visualization
    • Nodes and compartments may be visualized using custom images uploaded by user, image width and length can be set in percents of original image
    • Reactome Image library supported
  • Layout
    • Pin/unpin diagram elements via dropdown menu
    • Save and remember used automatic layouter for given diagram
    • Incremental layout of elements elements added from search
  • Expression filters
    • All SBGN diagrams support filters (e.g. expression filter)
    • Display expression filter as gradient aura on diagrams
    • NaN values for expression filters supported
  • Web version
    • Show multiple simulation plots in one window, stop simulation if plots are closed.
    • Collapsible array attributes in info block
    • Highlight inner nodes of complex in Keynodes visualization.
    • Selected info template is remembered for elements of the same type
    • Import improved
  • Analysis
    • More user-friendly Identifiability analysis interface (absolute value of deviation instead of chi-square quantile, select parameters for analysis in optimization version)
  • Formats
    • Partial support of VCF4.3 on import/export, FILTER property for .VCF track files supported
  • External libraries
    • jfreechart update 1.0.18 -> 1.5.0;
    • jcommon updated 1.0.22 -> 1.0.24
    • underscore.js update 1.2.2 -> 1.9.1
  • Many bugs were fixed
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